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Gold Presentation April 3



We know that the most common reason mums stop breastfeeding before they would otherwise choose is because they believe they don’t have enough breastmilk. In many cultures there a herbal remedies to increase milk supply. We have medicinal options available as well. What is the research behind the “magic wands”? Can any products cause harm rather than benefit? When should they be used and when is skilled breastfeeding support more important? Why is some populations is poor milk supply never a concern? Who is responsible for the perceived need to increase milk supply?


Interview with Marie Biancuzzo Monday 10 April

Are you wondering what Monday's show will be? Special guest Wendy Jones joins Marie for "All In the Family:…

Posted by Born to be Breastfed with Marie Biancuzzo on Friday, April 7, 2017

Newcastle study day May 10

Delighted to be speaking in Newcastle on May 10 – should be great day with some excellent colleagues and friends 


One of 13 conference recordings now available to watch at your convenience: “Breastfeeding and Medication: how to make an evidence based decisions on safety” with Dr. Wendy Jones, PhD, MSc.
Parents often have questions regarding the safety of taking medications while breastfeeding. Dr. Wendy Jones will equip delegates with the tools to evaluate risks and to support parents in making informed decisions regarding medications.
Learn more about this presentation at http://www.goldmidwifery.com/conference/presentations/203

Born to be Breastfed radio interview

Looking forward to talking with Marie Biencuzzo on Born to Breastfed about Breastfeeding for Dads and Grandmas


ALCI conference Dublin March 25th

iLactation conference

Proud to be a speaker at iLactation online conference – so great to record and listen to presentations in your own home http://www.ilactation.com/

GOLD conference Feb 14

Proud to be speaking at the GOLD conference 15th Feb http://www.goldmidwifery.com/

Study Day Smethwick Friday 18th November

booking info

study day 12th November in Letchworth