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Breastfeeding – what’s in it for mothers?

Need I say more? As a grandmother to three gorgeous little ones breastfeeding equals lots of oxytocin which makes me happy and relaxed too.

Breastfeeding – what’s in it for mothers?

Baby Friendly Conference

Attending BFI 4-5 th November in Birmingham and presenting a poster on Colonoscopies and Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding and Podiatry

Today’s question of interest is an area which frustrates me – mums needing ingrowing toe nail treatment involving the use of local anaesthetics and a few drops of phenol (or sodium hydroxide). Guidelines from podiatry seem to suggest this treatment cant be carried out until a mum stops breastfeeding. But that may leave her in pain for a long time. Why? It si unlikely phenol will get into milk but we have no published studies. My fabulous colleague produced this poster from data sent to us by mothers and presented it a conference in Oxford in June. One mum at a time challenging practice. Goldilocks

Satuday 8th October attending BfN AGM and Conference Bury

Thursday 6th October attending Growing Families Conference, Manchester

Growing Families: Facts, Fiction and Other Stuff


Thursday 28th September Surrey and Sussex Hospital Conference: Perinatal Mental Health and Medicalising Sore Nipples

GP Webinar

Thursday 18 August Thrush and Mastitis in the Breastfeeding Mother

the role of formula manufacturers

The role of infant formula companies in World Breastfeeding Week – what they should do and what they actually do

Every day I hear stories where mothers have been advised to stop breastfeeding in order to take medication, without considering the risk to mum and baby of interupting breastfeeding even temporarily. Formula milk is not the same as breastmilk and never will be. Not all babies will drink from bottles. Not all mothers can express. Not all babies will go back to the breast. Not all mothers can maintain their supply. Medication should not be a reason to stop breastfeeding without looking at evidence based sources on safety, taking professinal responsibilty and last but not least involving the mother in making an informed decision

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