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Blackpool study day Friday 7th October


Reading study Day Saturday October 22

Reading study day 2016

Prescribing for Breastfeeding Mothers October 7th Blackpool

Announcing our next event! PRESCRIBING FOR INFANTS & BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS 7th Oct am or pm www.buytickets.at/LIFIB (replaces the previous venue – apologies for any inconvenience) Please distribute widely so we can reach as many people as possible Wendy and Shel Banks14182196_10155713711533084_2019379107_n

communication with doctors

I’m hearing of an increasing number of mothers who dont tell their doctors they are breastfeeding when prescribed medication as they have had negative reponses to duration of feeding in the past. I have examples of mums being told from 6 weeks to 3 years that braestfeeding has no value and they are doing it for their own benefit. Interesting that the World Health Organisation (WHO) says otherwise. So mothers come to me to check the safety of the drug – how many dont have any input?

Breastfeeding and Medication – the book

Some of youbf and meds who have joined recentky may not have realised that this page is an offshoot from my book published in 2013. If you are a healthcare professional encountering queries you might like to buy it or if you are a mum suggest it to your healthcare professionals. It is available on Amazon or through my publisher Routledge


Breastfeeding when you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I have Crohns disease myself diagnoses when I was 22 years of age – so a good few years ago now. I get some many questions from breastfeeding mums with Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis I set up a facebook page for mutual support www.facebook.com/groups/BreastfeedingIBD/. If you know anyone with this condition who is breastfeeding, maybe having a flare or new drugs prescribed let them know. You can breastfeed with most of the drugs prescribed and through surgery if you need. IBD is in part linked with being formula fed and those of us with it pass on a genetic predisposition to our children to develop it. It’s a condition I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy and ther is new cure only symptom control. Fact sheet will be developed once book is finished

E learning for Pharmacists

I wrote this elearning pack for pharmacists sometime ago but it is still relevant (some updates should be added shortly by NES) http://www.breastfeeding.nes.scot.nhs.uk/breastfeeding_final_pdf

Webinar for GPs (and others)

Thursday 18th Augustwebinar 3

Busy Writing!

I’m currently busy putting the finishing touches to my new book Why Mothers Medication Matters. Hopefully to be published this autumn http://www.pinterandmartin.com/why-mothers-medication-matters.html

Wrong information for a breastfeeding mother

‘I have been prescribed eye drops for a virus I have. I was told to stop breastfeeding immediately which was impossible for a exclusively BF 6 month baby. No formula or bottles at home and I was told at 11pm.’

This message I picked up today is wrong on so many counts.
1. The Dr has prescribed antibiotic drops but diagnosed a viral infection.
2. Even if the diagnosis was a bacterial infection the drops are compatible with continued breastfeeding.
3. What is the point in telling an exclusively breastfeeding mum at 11pm that she cant breastfeed when she has no formula, bottles etc – what is she meant to do overnight?

So sad that education of GPs seems to have removed common sense let alone compassion and use of evidence based information